During the gods war, Vishwa the God of Paradoxes fought with the last of the Elder Entities. He destroyed him, driving his corpse deep into the earth. But in the battle, he was plunged into a coma, and now is said to reside deep in the bottom of the ocean.

Alternate titles: The Unfathomable, The Sleeping God, The Joined God, The Enlightened.

History: Vishwa was once a mortal, a monk on the path to enlightenment. He believed that knowledge was the key to harmony, and dedicated his life to improving his mind. He became a powerful legend, but his actions did not cement him firmly on the side of good or evil. Instead, he fought for truth, and did not allow any divisions of race, country, or religion to dictate his actions. His knowledge and wisdom became so great that his actions often seemed chaotic, sometimes even evil, to lesser minds. He is one of only a few mortals to achieve divinity, and he is the only one to have done so without seizing it from another God.

When he ascended, Vishwa became a plane of existence unto himself. His mind is a great labyrinth, constantly changing, which contains entire civilizations. It is roamed by The Minotaur- not the sort a mortal might encounter in their travels, but the original Minotaur, an entity so powerful it is almost a God itself.

Some scholars theorize that the Minotaur is what remains of Vishwa’s more base instincts- the part of him that might still give in to human and animal desires.


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