Pella's Stand, Session 1

Campaign Log

When we last played the characters all found their way to the border town of Pella’s Stand. They soon discovered that undead had been terrorizing the community, and that children had gone missing. Though one had been recovered, she was raving and seemed to have gone mad. The other, a young boy, had still not been found.

As it happened, it was in the best interest of each of the characters to explore this situation. Sabas for coin, Baptiste and Bracul for answers, Alaric for his mission, and Tovan because dammit, it’s the right thing to do. Working your way through the catacombs, you could hear the tortured moans of restless undead clawing to be free of their tombs. Thankfully, many of those who had extricated themselves had already been destroyed, or had escaped to the countryside and would not harass you here.

Bracul discovered a hole, hidden beneath a collapsed section of the catacombs. There were scuff marks, and it seemed the children had been this way before. It took only a few minutes for the adventurers to clear the way before unveiling an ancient stone doorway. On the other side, strange texts adorned the halls, and tile work floors urged you forward.
You descended a long and curving stairway, ever downward. After some minutes it opened up into a massive cavern. Water gushed from the cavern ceiling, waterfalls from the river above flowing down to fill the chamber. The current was strong, below, and you knew immediately that you would not want to be caught in it. Unfortunately, the lone walkway crossing the underground river had collapsed, and a forty foot span of open air kept you from crossing to the other side.

Channeling his sorcerous energies, Bracul took on the aspect of a spider and crossed the mist slick cavern walls. Tying a rope to another walkway some twenty feet below, the other adventurers were able to follow his lead. Now, gathered at the base of an ancient and ornate column, you find yourselves committed to the exploration of this temple. And somewhere, in the back of your minds, you swear you hear deep, chaotic laughter.


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