Bracul Austri, Dragonborn Sorcerer


Hailing from the arctic continent of Fethos, the greater extent of your life has been spent in isolation from the cultures and civilizations of others. Your tribe does occasional business with the smaller races, trading in furs, fish, and blubber with nomadic Rilnomi (the Dragonborn word for the other humanoid races). You come from a shamanic culture with strong magical bloodlines. You yourself are the grandson of the current shaman, and in line to one day inherit the mantle of spiritual leader of your people. (Whether or not you accept is up to you).

Bracul is schooled in whatever skills you have chosen for him, as well as the history of his people.

The Dragonborn believe that their history is entwined with the history of dragons. They believe that the First Dragon (Irral) tried to befriend the Rilnomi, but they viewed her as a god and worshipped her instead. This eventually led to wars in her name. Annoyed by this, she gave birth to the first true dragons, the Zezhuanthi, those of the various colors known today. They ruled willingly, but gave in to the adulations of their followers, and in their hubris began to envision themselves as gods. The Rilnomi built cities in their honor, and eventually began killing in their name. The wars between the mortals began anew. Enraged by the moral failures of her children, the first dragon grounded them. Literally, beneath the earth. They’re still imprisoned there to this day.

Following the imprisonment of the Ancient dragons, she tried to place their children in charge of the Rilnomi. However, being the spoiled children of “gods,” they had no desire to lead, and flew off to eat sheep and hoard treasure as they saw fit. In response to this, she took the eggs from the best of those dragons and mixed them with humanoids, giving birth to the first Dragonborn, known as the Kasheei.

The Kasheei actually tried to serve Irral’s will. They took on a governmental and spiritual role to the Rilnomi, leading them justly, and teaching them the ways of honor and righteousness. However, as time went on the Rilnomi came to resent the Kasheei. They envied not just their political power, but also the magical powers that they alone seemed to command. They grew angry, and seemed ready to overthrow their masters.

To prevent this, Irral decided to allow the Rilnomi to govern themselves alongside the Kasheei. She also granted them access to her magical bloodline, and so the first sorcerers were born (Draconic bloodline only). This calmed things down for a few centuries, but as mortals tend to do, they eventually wanted more power. The tensions between the races began to rise again, and eventually a revolt was led against the Kasheei. Both sides took casualties, and when it became evident that the fighting would not stop until one side was destroyed, Irral stepped in yet again.

She selected the champions of the Rilnomi, great leaders whom the people had willingly followed, and bestowed upon them the power of the gods. These were the first true gods, as they are known today. Unfortunately, the spirit of mortals is weak and susceptible to corruption. The gods became drunk with power, and eventually waged war against each other yet again. These were the darkest days of the Rilnomi, as all the gods had descended into evil and madness. Irral recognized the flaw in her plan for mortals to self-govern. It was the evil and cruelty within her own soul that had so corrupted all the others upon whom she had bestowed power. She went to the furthest corner of the planet, and for ninety years she meditated, separating from herself all corruption and channeling it into a single artifact, the Cadilan. Purified of all spiritual negativity, Irral then focused her remaining powers into a new set of gods, honorable leaders of the Rilnomi. These gods were good, virtuous, mighty… and totally intolerant of the evil gods. The war became even greater, though now it was at least a war between good and evil.

It was at this point that Irral, drained of much of her power and recognizing that every attempt to enlighten the Rilnomi seemed only to increase their dedication to self-destruction, hung up her hat. She left the mortals and the gods to sort out their own business, retreated to the Kasheei island of Okarthel, and has lived a generally happy existence for the past 3,000 or so years. The majority of the Kasheei retreated to the corners of the world, and the mortal races have generally self-governed ever since.

Since those days, not much has occurred within your people’s history. The various Kasheei tribes are far enough removed that they interact infrequently, and the few conflicts between them are generally resolved with words rather than violence. Even your neighboring Kasheei, the warrior tribes of the Aussir, will avoid physical conflict within their own race. During the gods war, in which the foreign gods invaded this plane of existence, Irral opted not to take part, and most of the Kasheei followed suit.

You yourself have only interacted with the Rilnomi races a few times in your life- the occasional times that nomads make their way to your village for trade, and in your 80th year, when you were officially an adult and made the pilgrimage to Okarthel. For the pilgrimage, you traveled across the Whedab Sea, and through the Rilnomi lands of Runedar, then eventually took passage to Okarthel to receive a blessing from the First Dragon herself, Irral. It was in Okarthel that you first met Kasheei outside of your cast, aside from those of the white Aussir. You were given ninety days to explore the island, and got to see many aspects of it from dragonback. When your time was up, you were given a ride back to Fethos by a great silver dragon, and you have not left your homeland since.

It is the sacred duty of your tribe to protect and maintain the Cadilan; the ancient artifact into which Irral channeled the darkest aspects of her soul. Most within your tribe are not fully aware of the artifacts history, and even you only know because of the specialized training you are undergoing so that you will one day be prepared to accept the burden of head Shaman.

With steam technology being such a new occurrence, and also how generally removed from civilzation his people are, Bracul would like be unaware of steam tech and firearms. If he had hearde anything, they would only be feint rumors from the few travelers to and from his village.


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