Loot Log, Murkoph and Crypts in Pella's Stand

Murkoph fight- 2450/4= 613 each.
Pella- 700/4= 175 each
Undead: 350/4=88 each.
Total- 3500/4=875 XP each

15×100 GP gems
Silvered Bell
*Periapt of Wound Closure: This talisman is of two hands holding three gems, two of which are missing. The central gem is a ruby the color of arterial blood. When the player wears this Periapt he receives advantage to all stabilization checks.
*Pipes of the Sewers:
This wind instrument is missing some of its pipes. The user must be proficient with wind instruments to use them. When the player is attuned, rats and giant rats are indifferent to that player unless threatened or harmed. Whenever a swarm comes within 30’ of the player while playing the pipes she can make a Charisma check contested by the swarm’s Wisdom check. If the player loses then the swarm behaves normally and cannot be affected by the pipes for 24 hours. If the player wins the check then the swarm becomes friendly to her and companions as long as she plays the pipes each round as an action. A friendly swarm obeys commands, taking no actions of none are issued. If a swarm starts its turn unable to hear the music then it behaves as it normally would and cannot be affected again for 24 hours.


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